The future is always in flux and history never stops - for better or for worse. The noise of media is a constant, anxiety inducing cacophony of doom, warning of global pandemics, species extinction, catastrophic climate crisis, the end of democracy. Never has this drum beat felt more acute and more alive than in 2020.


We hope 2021 will be brighter, we hope someone else will fix the problem – like a new government. Or perhaps we can ‘science’ our way out of the mess we’re in? But hope is often what we cling to when we feel we’ve lost control or power to change.


The Human Asteroid is not a film about hope, it’s not about someone else providing the fix or suggesting answers to write a perfect future. The Human Asteroid is a film about the power of doing something, no matter who or where you are.

Yidan, Indigo, Alina and Frederik are everyday people with extraordinary vision. Knee deep in the most pressing crises of our time – the health of life on our planet. They each risk their lives taking a stand for their corners of the world – for the animals, the trees, for the biodiversity we need to thrive, for a stable global climate. In doing so, they each face an overwhelming fight they can’t win alone, taking on titans of industry, illegal trade mafias, human-wildlife conflict and establishment systems that profess to stand for change, but are entirely incapable of doing so.


It’s easy to underestimate the impact of these individuals or think that humanity may never affect change, let alone turn this impossible system around. But in times of crisis, when those at the top often fail us, leadership emerges all around. And it looks courageous, empathetic, persistent and backed by science. Yidan, Indigo, Alina and Frederik are not always perfect, but they show us how caring about your backyard and showing up to take a stand every day, matters.


They show us the true meaning of legacy – planting seeds in a garden you may never see grow.

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